Top 3 Drivers for an IAM Business Case and 8 Presentation Tips

In this post, we will discuss the top 3 Drivers for an Identity and Access Management (IAM) Business Case and 8 Presentation Tips.

Who: As always, consider your audience – who will be most interested and in what driver. At a minimum, include the following teams and see the benefits through their eyes:

1) IT Operations Management 2) Security and Legal teams 3) Business (revenue focused) Managers

What (the drivers/benefits):

1. Efficiency – The ability to do more, faster and with less effort. Examples include automating access removal when someone leaves a company, reduction of helpdesk calls from automation of password resets, SLA improvement, and quicker consolidation of infrastructure.

Primary audience: IT Operations Management

2. Effectiveness – Doing the right things and doing them well. Examples include more accurate reports, savings from reduced regulatory fines from inaccurate reports, better general consistency and automation of reports, better customer and auditor perception.

Primary Audience: Security and Legal Teams

3. Agility – Change faster with less effort. Examples include the reduction of effort to form business partnerships (and thus encouraging more partnerships), reduce the time to integrate a newly acquired company, and improved customer service.

Primary Audience: Business (revenue focused) Managers

Socializing and Presentation Tips

1. Emphasize non-quantifiable benefits over ROI calculations. The reason is because ROI calculations are based on assumptions that can often be easily challenged, derailing the entire business case if successful. Only emphasize ROI if you are comfortable sitting in front of the CFO for 20 minutes going through the detailed assumptions and calculations. It’s a safer bet to stick with non-quantifiable benefits. If you must include an ROI, be sure to include others in the assumptions and calculations.

2. “Road test” the business case presentation in one on one or smaller meetings in order to get feedback and improve your message.

3. In the presentation, spend more of your time on the expected benefits as opposed to the why, how and technical jargon, which often only detracts focus from the main drivers.

4. The overall format should include at a minimum one slide for the following: problem statement, who was involved in the business case analysis and objectives, proposed solution, expected benefits, high level plan/options and costs, and an Appendix (assumptions and calculations).

5. Present in a professional, conversational, and competent manner

6. Know the material well (more than what is just on the slides)

7. Formally present for 20 minutes and then answer questions and have a conversation for another 20 minutes (often the most important piece)

8. Speak with conviction and above all else, honesty.


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